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What is a Tour Leader?

When you add someone to a trip, you can assign them as a Tour Leader. During the trip, the Tour Leader can locate members of their trip and can send push notifications, text messages or emails to a specific traveler or every member of the trip.
To activate this feature, you can directly assign a Tour Leader role to a user when creating the trip.

Afterwards, you can go to Settings > Features > App Menu in the account settings and click on “Add Feature”. Select App Feature as Type, Tour Leader as Source and save it.
Drag and drop the new feature in the trip screen menu item list, to choose where you want it to appear on the menu.

IMPORTANT: In order for this feature to show on the app, you would also need to go to Settings > Duty of Care and switch on the “Activate Traveler GPS Tracking” option.

Once all these steps are completed, a “Tour Leader” button will appear on the Tour Leader’s app screen: by clicking on it, they will be able to communicate with members of the trip.

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