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mTripmTrip is a leader in the mobile travel applications industry, with a distinctive collection of solutions for the travel and tourism industry and a reputation for helping clients secure and sustain increased revenue, customer satisfaction and visibility. mTrip’s diverse portfolio includes custom solutions for tourism boards, DMO, travel publishers, TMC, tour operators, OTA and travel agencies.

Founded in 2009, mTrip has been developing its exclusive technologies using complex algorithms for the iPhone and Android and proving them in their commercial applications. With over 3 million downloads mTrip  have gained the trust and loyalty of travelers and have been recognized by the press as one of the best travel applications on the market.

Making their technologies available to the various segments in the travel industry, mTrip is determined to help clients maximize their advantage over the competition. With solutions tailored to meet the needs of their clients, they focus on enhancing the travel experience for users while assisting clients reach their goals and grow their business.

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Frederic de Pardieu

Frederic de Pardieu


Frederic de Pardieu founded mTrip after holding various positions in the IT and hotel industries in Europe, Asia and North America. As a seasoned traveler, Frederic saw an opportunity to innovate the travel industry and is now a leading pioneer in the travel-tech industry.

Benoît Vignac

Benoît Vignac


Benoit Vignac oversees product development and advancement as the Chief Technology Officer of mTrip. Benoit has a Ph.D in applied mathematics and uses his skills in mathematical optimization to drive solutions for challenges.

Gilles de Boysson

Gilles de Boysson

VP, Strategic Partnerships • EMEA, Asia, South America

With a deep-rooted passion for travel, Gilles is an experienced multilingual sales director who has worked in both IT and media sectors in various countries around the world. With countless stamps on his passport, he is always filling up his insatiable curiosity for cultures and people.

Carole Moreira

Carole Moreira

VP, Strategic Partnerships • North-America

With over 15 years of experience in the travel and tourism industry, Carole has worked for renowned companies around the world developing avant-garde solutions to help her clients achieve their vision and goals. She brings a passion for the tech industry and the strategic ability to adapt innovative technology to each client’s specific needs.

The mTrip team is comprised of world travelers, programming geniuses and business developers, dedicated to bringing a fresh approach to the travel market and enhancing the travel experience for those seeking a smarter, more innovative way to travel.





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