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GlobusJeff Russell
Director of Marketing

At Wamos Portugal we’ve been using mTrip for the last 2 years and I highly recommend. Always innovating and adding new features. Our clients love it.

Mario PiresHead of Innovation at Wamos
White-label travel apps


Your clients will be using your mobile application from the beginning to the end of their trip. During this time, you can provide them with all the information and travel support they need.


Your clients can purchase additional products and services (flights, accommodation, tours, activities, airport transfer, etc.) directly within your mobile app.


Provide accurate real-time trip information for your clients. Support them throughout their travels, by providing suggestions and guidance at their destination(s) while remaining 100% offline.


Thanks to our itinerary management platform, reduce your customer service workload by including all the information your clients will need during their trips, updated in real-time.


Winner of the Mobile Innovation in Travel Award
Innovator at the PhoCusWright Conference
Honoree at the Webby Awards
Gold ADDY Award by American Advertising Federation
ASTA Special Recognition
Featured in Apple’s 10 Ultimate Travel Apps
Featured in CNN’s 50 Ultimate Travel Apps
WIRED Magazine: 9/10

Custom Branded Apps

  • Custom branding (native apps, web app, pdf, email, etc.)
  • Customizable app features
  • Published under your corporate identity on Google Play and Apple App Store
  • Online portal and itinerary under your domain name (SSL included)
  • For tours, cruises, independent travelers, business travelers and MICE
  • Works OFFLINE on iOS and Android
  • Available in 10 languages
Custom Branded Apps
Flights & Airport Maps

Flights & Accommodation

  • Real-time flight alerts and live updates
  • Flight details and online check-in
  • Onboard service
  • Interactive airport maps and airport food ordering
  • Airports and airlines COVID-19 measures
  • Airport transfer and baggage protection
  • Airline baggage policy
  • Airport lounges
  • Accommodation details and hotel directions
  • Visa requirements, weather and airport wait times

Offline Guides & Maps

  • Extensive travel guides with over 1800 destinations worldwide
  • Attractions, restaurants, nightlife, shopping, etc.
  • Background and practical information (health, power outlets, currency, weather, etc.) about trip destinations
  • Offline maps and directions
  • Augmented reality, nearby places, postcards and more
Offline Guides and Maps
Independent Travelers

Independent Travelers

  • Travelers can easily plan their visits at each destination
  • Add places to their Favorites and order them automatically for an optimized itinerary
  • Trip Genius™ generates personalized itineraries based on the traveler’s preferences, popular places, opening hours and location


  • Detailed daily itineraries and activities
  • Tour Leader feature
  • Group chat feature (chat wall, chat with tour leader, one-on-one chat)
  • Activities can be rated and reviewed
  • Include optional and bookable activities
  • Pre- and post-travel management
Cruises App


  • Cruise Itinerary Details & Booking Information
  • Booking Excursions
  • Ship Location Reminder & Notification
  • Dynamic Itinerary Map

Business Travel & MICE

mTrip offers a highly personalized white label solution for business travel and MICE.
Booking Engines

Booking Engine & Ancillaries

Generate additional revenue by connecting the mobile app to your own booking engine, GDS or third-party providers:

  • Flights, accommodations, car rentals and airport transfer
  • Attraction tickets, city cards, tours and activities
  • Visa services, Travel insurance, etc.

In-App Messaging

  • Stay connected to clients before, during and after the trip
  • Upgrade your client support and experience
  • Generate new sales within the mobile app
  • Connected to your email, chat system or CRM
in-app Messaging

Dynamic Contextual Messaging

Contextual Notifications

Personalized dynamic rules automatically deliver notifications at each stage of your traveler’s journey on their smartphone, tablet and smartwatch.

  • Improve your client engagement by sending personalized notifications
  • Drive more revenue
  • Increase traveler support and satisfaction

Trip Sharing

  • Itinerary can be shared by email, text message and on social networks
  • Pictures, postcards and check-ins can be shared on Facebook under your brand
  • Trip journal can be published on your website and shared on social networks
Sharing features
Itinerary in PDF - Online Access

Itinerary Management & Document Delivery

  • Multi-source data consolidation
  • Cloud-based itinerary management platform and API
  • Online travel dashboard and itinerary in PDF
  • Travel documents available offline in the app
    (vouchers, e-tickets, invoices, etc.)

And More

  • Multiple brand management
  • Real-time GPS Travel Locator
  • Expense tracking
  • Message center
    (push notifications, text messages, and emails)
  • Satisfaction surveys
Risk Management
blankIt would have been a much longer and more expensive launch had we not partnered with mTrip. A great product for our needs.
Laura Smart Fitch VP of Customer Experience – ACIS



Provide your clients with all the trip information they need, in one convenient place.

  • Flights
    Departure and arrival details (airport, terminal, gate, baggage claim, flight duration, booking reference, aircraft type, etc.).
  • Online flight check-in
    24 hours prior to departure, a notification on the device will invite your client to check-in to their flight using the app.
  • Real-time flight alerts
    Push notifications will be sent to your client when flight changes occur: delays, cancellations, gate changes, baggage claims, etc.
  • Interactive Airport Maps
    Display traveler location and departure gate location
    Restaurants, bars, cafes, shopping and services
    Work offline
  • Accommodation
    Check-in and check-out dates, type of room, booking reference and more.
  • Car rentals, activities, etc.


Your branded mobile application will integrate all the details of your clients’ daily itinerary, depending on the kind of product you sell.

  • Tours
    Arrange all of the details for each day. You can add the activities and places to visit along with your clients’ schedules, which will specify the duration at each site, locations, descriptions, pictures, and more. Travelers can provide valuable feedback by rating and reviewing trip activities. Designated tour leaders can locate and send messages to members of a trip (more info).
  • Independent travelers
    Let them plan their trip with the Trip Genius™. This feature will automatically generate daily itineraries based on the user’s travel preferences, opening hours, popularity and location. The app will also suggest restaurants based on where they are located, the itinerary and accommodation.
  • Cruises
    The itinerary includes each stop with arriving and departure time. Each stop includes an offline map and guide. The reminder feature will automatically send a notification to the traveler when it is time to get back to the ship, it will show the directions offline to the ship.


Give your clients the guidance and resources of a personal tour guide. With the mTrip white label app they will have access to rich travel guides, filled with thousands of places to discover.

  • Thousands of destinations
    Travel guides for all of the destinations your clients will be visiting (cities, regions, islands).
  • Directory of places
    Attractions, entertainment, museums, restaurants, bars, shops, banks, hospitals, embassies, etc. Along with pictures, in-depth descriptions, opening hours, prices, traveler reviews, etc.
  • Augmented reality
    A live (real-time) visual display of surrounding places within distance, ratings and opening hours.
  • And much more
    Postcards, weather, currency converter, phrasebooks, destination editorial, practical information, etc.


Whether they are organized tours with some free time or independent travelers booking from a travel agency, help them find their way around their destination safely.

  • Detailed city, region or country maps
    In addition to attractions, restaurants, and more, the user’s real-time location will be shown on the map.
  • Navigation
    Displays routes with turn-by-turn directions, from the user’s location to any establishment or street. Whether it’s by foot, by subway, by Uber, or by car.
  • Street and places search
    Quickly find streets and places, directly on the map.
  • 100% offline
    No internet connection required, and no roaming charges are incurred when using the app. Everything is offline, including the maps and directions.


80% of the travelers book activities and extras within 30 days of travel (source: Tnooz) – 50% of these bookings are made within 1 week of travel.
Connect with your clients, at the exact time and place they are planning their trip.

Most travel companies miss 25% of their clients’ travel expenditure because they don’t connect with them at the right time: while they’re planning their trip. By providing a mobile app with great adoption and retention, like the mTrip mobile app, travel agencies and OTAs have the opportunity to create a new revenue stream.

Generate new revenue on various products and services:
  • Attraction tickets, city cards, tours and activities
  • Car rentals, airport transfers, hotel and flight bookings
  • Travel insurance, local SIM cards etc.


  • Online travel dashboard
    Your clients will be able to look at their trip on your website, using the same credentials they will receive to access the app. They can review all of the information about their upcoming trip online, including their itinerary.
  • Itinerary in PDF
    If the client does not have a mobile device or would simply like to print out a backup, they can download their trip information in PDF format.


Your mobile app will become the optimal travel companion for your client. Engage with users throughout their entire trip: at the booking stage, during their journey and even once they’re home. With features like the trip journal, clients can share their travel memories with friends and family.

  • Fully branded mobile app
    Color scheme, icon, logo, and other graphic assets for the app, will be completely customized to your brand.
  • Published under your name
    The app is published with your corporate identity on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
  • Trip sharing under your brand identity
    Your clients will publish their trip journals on your website and share it on social networks, under your brand. This can not only draw additional traffic to your website, but also generate new leads.
  • Deep Facebook integration
    Pictures, reviews, postcards, and the trip journal are shared on Facebook and email under your brand.


Each client is unique, so mTrip has created the innovative Contextual Messaging feature to offer amazing flexibility in terms of personalization to communicate with your leisure and business travelers.

  • Improve your client engagement by sending personalized notifications
    Personalized dynamic rules automatically deliver notifications at each stage of your traveler’s journey on their smartphone, tablet and smartwatch. The notifications that travelers receive will be uniquely targeted to them, creating an enhanced experience.
  • Drive more revenue
    Sending well timed notifications throughout the travel process, allows you to communicate even more effectively when offering various up-selling or cross selling services.
  • Increase traveler support and satisfaction
    By providing instant context related notifications, the app provides your traveler with the right information at the right time.

mTrip’s contextual messaging center, comes with a selection of pre-defined notifications that can be easily modified to meet your specific requirements. Notifications can be prompted by a scheduled time, the traveler’s location or events.