Introducing the Real-Time GPS Traveler Tracking

Along with the ability to send travel alerts, mTrip has just released a new tracking feature for its itinerary mobile app. Activated only during the course of the trip, the user’s location is transferred to their travel agency in real-time. Within the Risk Management dashboard, agents can easily locate travelers by filtering through the agency, itinerary, country or by simply searching for a specific person. Depending on the situation, agents can choose to contact the traveler by phone, text message or push notification.

Business Travel

As part of their moral and legal obligations to ensure the health, safety and well-being of their employees, Travel Management Companies have access to a dashboard that can locate business travelers in case of emergency or threat of risk.

Leisure Travel

This feature can help a tour leader or agency locate a missing member of the group. Additional supervision for students and youth tours in particular, can be of special interest to tour operators as it adds a new layer of security.

GPS Travel Locator