Travel Risk Management

Integrated Duty of Care Solution

  • Access for travelers, risk managers, travel managers and bookers

  • Mobile app and risk platform

  • Available in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese

  • Easy and fast implementation

  • Activation per corporate account

  • Custom Branding

mTrip’s risk platform provides unparalleled safety & risk management for your global travelers. Our platform is critical for organizations looking to implement a strong travel risk solution. We provide real time traveler tracking, proactive risk alerts, and more. Designed for travel managers & risk managers, mTrip provides seamless mobile and web platform integration, available in several languages. With mTrip you can activate your travelers’ duty of care, providing peace of mind with custom branding and simple implementation. Explore our traveler-centered risk solution.

Risk Alerts

Risk Alerts

Real-time alert messaging to fulfil Duty of Care requirements. Alerts can be sent to travelers, risk managers and agents by push notification, email or text message, depending on the predefined rules.

Alerts are updated by experts on a daily basis:

  • Security alerts
  • Environmental alerts
  • Health alerts

5 risk levels for optimum alert analysis.

65 to 70 alerts throughout 24-hour period.
25,000+ alerts per year.
206 countries and territories covered.

Country Intelligence

  • Country profiles
  • Global country risk scoring
  • Country scoring by type of risk
  • Security and health information
  • Practical information
  • Related risk alerts and trips
  • 206 countries and territories covered

Country profiles - risk management
Traveler tracking

Traveler Tracking

  • Real-time GPS and mobile travel tracking
  • PNR and external bookings tracking
  • Filter by account and destination
  • Send push notifications, emails and text messages
  • Export to Excel

COVID-19 Safety Measures

  • Airline health measures
  • Passenger requirements at airport
  • Airport safety measures
  • Airport services
COVID-19 Measures
Neighborhood Safety Scores

Neighborhood Safety Scores

  • Daytime/nighttime safety
  • Physical harm
  • Health (including COVID19)
  • LGBTQ safety
  • Theft
  • Safety for women
  • Powered by Geosure

Easy to implement

The tool integrates easily with GDS (Amadeus, Sabre, Travelport) or third-party solutions (mid-office, back-office, itinerary management) to retrieve travelers’ itineraries. It also makes it possible to retrieve reservations made by travelers outside the booking engine. The solution is hosted under your brand and domain name.

Easy and in-deep configuration

The risk management platform makes it easy to establish rules for distributing risk alerts, in terms of risk levels, recipients (travelers, risk managers, travel managers) and channels (email, text message, push notifications). These rules can vary from one account to another.

Detailed reporting and traveler tracking

Risk and travel managers have access to in-depth traveler tracking, whether in real time via the mobile app‘s GPS or PNR. They can intervene rapidly in the event of a problem or disruption. Country profiles provide daily updated information on the security and safety situation in each country.

Multiple providers

The mTrip platform allows you to combine multiple risk management providers.
Depending on your corporate clients, you can specify which provider should be associated to which client.

Global coverage

Risk information covers all countries and is available in many languages.