Itinerary Management for
Tour Operators & Travel Agencies

Streamline your process and reduce costs


Tour operators and travel agencies

The cloud-based itinerary management software is conceived for the needs of tour operators and travel agencies, to simplify and streamline their various processes, to deliver richer customer experience, to ultimately reduce their costs. It consists of a user-friendly itinerary builder; extensive content libraries; seamless quote generation. It also enables external collaboration, integrated messaging, and multi-brand management. Offered as a white-label solution, it will adapt to your specific needs.

Itinerary Management & Quotes

User-Friendly Experience
The itinerary builder lets you easily using a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface for smooth and intuitive operation.

Comprehensive Data Consolidation
Supports GDS import, mTrip API, Excel import, vendor document parsing, and integration of third-party CRM systems and APIs.

Extensive Content Library
Include itinerary templates, travel documents, personal images, alongside curated recommendations and detailed destination content.

Leverage the pricing feature to streamline proposal creation and efficiently generate detailed quotes.

External Collaboration
Offers the ability to invite external collaborators, promoting improved teamwork and coordination.

Integrated Message Center
Keep travelers informed and up-to-date through the versatile Message Center, delivering push notifications, SMS messages, and emails.

Multi-Brand Management
Capable of managing multiple brands, making it versatile for various business needs.

Traveler Tracking
Monitor travelers throughout their journeys with their consent, ensuring readiness for emergencies.

Itinerary management
Itinerary templates

Traveler experience

Up-to-Date Travel Information
Delivers real-time flight information and automatic trip updates to maintain the accuracy of travel plans.

Versatile Itinerary Delivery Options

  • PDF itinerary: provide beautiful customized PDF itineraries which includes your trip attachements and documents.
  • Online itinerary: give access to an online itinerary updated in real time under your website domain name.
  • White-label mobile app: all-in-one travel agency app which includes the itinerary updated in real-time as well as various travel tools.

Adaptable to Various Travel Models
The solution’s design and features can be adjusted to accommodate various trip types, including FIT, tours, cruises, meetings, and business travel.

Integrated Chat and Contact Options
Travelers can effortlessly connect with agents through chat, WhatsApp, email, text messages, and more.

Contextual Notifications
Customize and automate the delivery of helpful, personalized push notifications to travelers by defining rules based on their location or the time.

Customizable Branding and Features
Allows for personalized branding and features, adding a professional touch to travel plans.

Security and Risks
Provides security information regarding city neighborhoods and issues risk alerts in the event of social, political, or natural incidents.

Software Integrations

GDS: Amadeus, Travelport, Sabre

Booking engines & mid-offices: IGA, Gestour, Viaxoft, MB3M, TravelWorks, Cornerstone, Moonstride, Travel Studio, Ezus, Juniper, Tourplan, Facilitatrip.

Additional integrations upon request

ACISIt would have been a much longer and more expensive launch had we not partnered with mTrip. A great product for our needs.
Laura Smart Fitch VP of Customer Experience – ACIS