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Travel agencies, tour operators and TMC

mTrip delivers state-of-the-art travel technology solutions, specifically crafted for travel agencies, tour operators, and TMCs. Our platform revolutionizes itinerary management, offering a dynamic and interactive experience. Specializing in mobile solutions, mTrip provides a robust app platform that seamlessly integrates itinerary management for various travel formats. These white-label applications enable travel professionals to furnish their clients with personalized itineraries, comprehensive travel guides, and offline accessible interactive maps. With features like real-time flight alerts and itinerary sharing, mTrip ensures a smooth, connected, and memorable journey for travelers. Embrace mTrip for an innovative approach to travel, enhancing every step of your clients journeys.

Business Travel

By listening to its TMC customers, mTrip has developed a suite of solutions to meet companies’ needs in terms of mobility, sustainability and security.

Business Travel App

The white-label application is customized for each account in terms of branding and functionality, as well as integrations with OBTs, expense tools and other third-party solutions. It offers all the functionalities of real-time updates, detailed itinerary, reservations, destination guides, duty of care information, etc.

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Risk Management Solution

To meet companies’ risk management needs, mTrip offers a risk management tool based on an online portal and mobile application. Travelers receive real-time risk alerts. Agents and risk managers access the portal to consult new risks and country profiles. They can also automatically obtain reports by email, and precisely configure the way in which risk is communicated.

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CO2 Footprint Reports

The platform gives you access to reports on your customers’ carbon footprint.
These include the impact of flights, accommodation, car rentals and trains.

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Leisure Travel

mTrip helps travel agencies and tour operators digitalize their operations by offering mobile applications, PDF itineraries and online portals. Highly flexible, the solution can be quickly and easily customized to meet the specific needs of each agency or operator.

Travel App

Mobile applications for leisure travelers can be adapted according to the type of trip: independent traveler, organized trip or cruise. They guide travelers throughout their trip.

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Itinerary Management

The itinerary management platform consolidates different booking sources to offer travelers consolidated itineraries in the form of a mobile application, PDF itinerary and online access. The platform is available under the domain name and brand of the agency or tour operator.

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Itineraries in PDF

The platform lets you send your travelers beautiful PDF itineraries that complement the mobile application.
These PDFs include all the trip elements your customers need.

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Revolutionizing Travel One Trip at a Time

Our advanced tools are designed with both travel professionals and travelers in mind, ensuring a seamless, connected, and personalized journey from start to finish. Whether for business travel or leisure, mTrip’s solutions cater to the diverse needs of today’s travel industry.

  • Tailored Solutions for Every Travel Need: Discover how our customizable mobile applications enhance travel experiences for agencies, tour operators, and their clients.
  • Itinerary Management Made Simple: Learn about our robust itinerary management platform, making trip planning and execution smoother than ever.
  • Staying Ahead in a Changing World: mTrip is constantly evolving, integrating the latest technological advancements to meet the changing dynamics of travel.

Explore the Future of Travel with mTrip

At mTrip, we are committed to transforming the travel experience through technology. As a leader in the travel tech industry, our white-label mobile applications and itinerary management solutions set the standard for innovation and efficiency.

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