Carbon Impact

Lead the Charge in Sustainable Travel with mTrip’s Carbon Footprint Report

In the ever-evolving landscape of corporate travel, mTrip is consistently working to stay a step ahead, developing solutions that streamline travel management while emphasizing sustainable practices. We are excited to introduce our latest addition, the Carbon Footprint Report, a tool created to encourage and enhance corporate responsibility in the travel sector.

Developed in collaboration with Thrust Carbon, this report provides useful and clear insight into the environmental impact of corporate travel. Integrating the carbon footprint for booking sources, including OBT, GDS, offline, bedbanks and even reservations made through popular platforms such as Expedia,, and Airbnb, this tool lays out a truly comprehensive view of your company’s carbon footprint.

What sets this solution apart is its ability to encompass a wide array of travel components including flights, hotels, trains, and car rentals, offering an overall view of your company’s environmental footprint. Companies can compare the CO₂ footprint of different airlines per account, and even contrast footprints between various accounts. This comparative approach doesn’t just provide you with the information you need, but offers actionable insights to foster more environmentally conscious decisions in the corporate travel landscape.

Join Us in Paving the Way Towards Sustainable Corporate Travel

In addition to fulfilling a duty of care, clients will also be leading the charge in corporate responsibility and embark on a journey toward a greener, more sustainable future. This feature, along with mTrip’s white-label mobile and itinerary management solutions, will equip you with the tools and information needed to provide travelers with an enhanced travel experience while also aligning with corporate values and goals. 

To learn more about mTrip’s Carbon Footprint Report, please reach out to [email protected]