Les applications mTrip intégrées à la plateforme Ezus

mTrip applications integrated with Ezus platform

mTrip is continuously improving its white-label solution for travel agencies by teaming up with Ezus, an all-in-one travel management platform. This collaboration enables agencies to offer tailor-made travel solutions and simplify their day-to-day operations. Thanks to this partnership, bookings made via Ezus can be integrated into customized mobile applications developed by mTrip, offering an integrated solution aimed at reducing management time and increasing conversion rates.

This new feature radically transforms the way travel agencies operate, enabling them to manage their business more fluidly. Agents can now concentrate on creating unforgettable experiences for their customers, supported by the advanced functionality of mTrip applications and Ezus management tools, ensuring seamless coordination. One concrete example is the creation of digital travel documents and personalized customer spaces accessible via mTrip.

This partnership brings unprecedented flexibility and customizability to both business and leisure travel, perfectly meeting the specific needs of each travel project, whether for individual travel, group travel or MICE events.

mTrip is committed to transforming the daily lives of travel agents with innovative solutions, ensuring that opportunities are never missed and tasks are simplified.