mTrip Introduces
New Flight Features & Interactive Airport Maps

Turn the most stressful part of your journey, into an enjoyable one. mTrip’s brand new flight screen and interactive airport maps, transform the airport experience.

Along with a sleek new design, the flight screen is equipped with a selection of useful features. From online check-in, flight management and airline baggage policy to airport lounges and onboard services. Travelers will be able to review their flight information, purchase baggage protection and even book airport transfers. The real-time flight alerts will keep them up to date on any changes with the flight, gate or terminal.

With the interactive airport maps, navigating airports will be a breeze. The traveler’s current location will be clearly identified, along with their departure gate, shops, cafes and restaurants.

The latest Uber and Lyft integration will also give travelers a convenient transportation option, to or from the airport.

These innovative features create a positive experience for the traveler and inspire a new level of engagement.