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mTrip Introduces Dynamic Contextual Messaging

October 31, 2019

Each client is unique, so mTrip has created the innovative Contextual Messaging feature to offer amazing flexibility in terms of personalization to communicate with your leisure and business travelers.

Improve your client engagement by sending personalized notifications
Personalized dynamic rules automatically deliver notifications at each stage of your traveler’s journey on their smartphone, tablet and smartwatch. The notifications that travelers receive will be uniquely targeted to them, creating an enhanced experience.

Drive more revenue
Sending well timed notifications throughout the travel process, allows you to communicate even more effectively when offering various up-selling or cross selling services.

Increase traveler support and satisfaction
By providing instant context related notifications, the app provides your traveler with the right information at the right time.

mTrip’s contextual messaging center, comes with a selection of pre-defined notifications that can be easily modified to meet your specific requirements. Notifications can be prompted by a scheduled time, the traveler’s location or events.