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mTrip Integrates with TravelPerk Bookings

In a move to enhance the corporate travel experience even further, mTrip has recently unveiled an exciting integration with TravelPerk, a trusted travel management platform used extensively by corporations around the globe. Trips booked on the TravelPerk platform can now be seamlessly fetched and displayed, all within mTrip’s white-label apps.

Innovation Through Integration
This new integration is a game-changer for corporations seeking to deliver an elevated travel experience to their employees. Companies can use the mTrip white-label solution to create a personalized, user-friendly platform that streamlines the travel process by consolidating all the relevant trip details at the traveler’s fingertips. 

Travelers will be able to view and manage all of their TravelPerk bookings directly within their mTrip-powered mobile app. In addition, they can benefit from other useful in-app features such as real-time flight alerts, offline guides and duty of care solutions. 

Redefining Corporate Travel
This latest addition underscores mTrip’s dedication to enhancing the corporate travel experience through partnerships, integrations and innovative features. We believe that this integration with TravelPerk will be incredibly beneficial for both our clients and their employees, creating a smooth journey from start to finish. 

Stay tuned for more updates on how mTrip continues to innovate in the world of business travel!