Safety Scores

mTrip Introduces Neighborhood Safety Scores to Mobile Apps

At mTrip, we know that safety is a top priority for both our leisure and business clients. For this reason, we’re excited to introduce a new feature that provides detailed safety scores for over 65,000 different cities and neighborhoods around the world.

Powered by GeoSure Global, an innovative data science and risk-modeling company, this real-time safety measurement platform provides travelers with the information they need to feel confident and safe abroad. Travelers will have access to an easy to understand, color-coded, 1-100 ratings scale that is continuously updated with the latest information in over 10 languages. Using tourism and travel alerts, crime statistics as well as health, economic and political data feeds, this system provides the most detailed location safety ratings available.

Whether you’re in a major city or a specific neighborhood, this feature delivers real-time information across several critical safety categories. From daytime/nighttime safety, physical harm, health (including COVID19) to LGBTQ safety, theft and more. With the GeoSure add-on, clients will be able to equip their travelers with an added level of safety that they can carry with them throughout their journey.