Freedom Road Travel

Freedom Road Travel Launches English & Mandarin Mobile App

Freedom Road Travel’s experience in both leisure and business events, has made them stand out as a travel agency. They not only encourage their leisure travelers to try out unique travel options but also ensure a seamless experience for their corporate travelers. With an emphasis on smooth and social conscious travel, their service provides its clients with a fresh perspective. Freedom Road Travel have made a name for themselves in the travel industry, by providing exceptional support and extensive expertise.

With the help of mTrip, Freedom Road Travel has just released their brand new My Travel mobile app! Available on iOS and Android, this offline travel assistant has real-time flight alerts, risk management, in-app messaging and several useful features. Users can go to their destination guides for restaurant recommendations, attractions, shopping and more. Upon their return, travelers can share their photo and entries from the trip journal, as well as email their trip expense report from the useful in-app expense tool. Freedom Road Travel’s mobile app, provides its range of travelers with a wonderful solution that matches their needs.

Picture by Giuseppe Milo