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Dive into THE DEEP at London’s Natural History Museum

Discover strange creatures and cruel environments, see surprising images and life-size installations, find out about unusual falsifications in the myths and monsters exhibition and a snapshot of the work Museum scientists are doing to maintain the important habitat of these extraordinary creatures.

Gain a new Perspective at Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton

In a rare combination of ‘Perspectives’ from visual artistry and architecture, Camille Henrot and Odile Decq aim to uncover space and the world from a twofold view; while Henrot uses her artistic background to explore the inauthenticity of objects, travel and its misunderstandings, Odile presents a challenge to our perspective by creating impressions of depth […]

5 Cool Berlin Cafes for your sipping pleasure

The best part about the Berlin café culture is the cool neighborhood, local appeal. No matter which you choose, your coffee sipping experience will be accompanied by some pretty interesting people watching and lounging.