Visit London for Internet Week Europe

Taking an idea that originated in New York City, London is playing host to “Internet Week Europe” starting today, November 8th. Heralded as a moment to celebrate the technology industry in Europe and raise the profile of the sector throughout the continent, Internet Week Europe plays out over the course of five days, with high-profile events taking place throughout the English capital. Internet giant Yahoo! is acting as the flagship sponsor for the week’s festivities, while other organizations such as Skype and Creative Review are sponsoring specific portions of the week’s events.

Internet Week Europe is an open event, meaning anyone who wants to throw a function is permitted to do so. The many events taking place will focus on various subjects, from software development to advertising. Many of the events will feature panels, which will discuss issues of importance for the technology community. Others will primarily focus on interaction amongst the attendees. As the week will not focus on one technology domain alone, the festivities are expected to draw everyone from iPhone aficionados to diehard PC developers.

Furthermore, the unique structure of this conference means that unlike other events where attendees spend their day in one location, participants will be traveling across the city throughout the day. Each event will be outlined differently, and some will cost money to attend, while others will be free. Conference organizers have suggested plotting out a schedule for the events that one would like to attend, and making the necessary reservations in advance.

For individuals unfamiliar with London, there are several tools available for getting around the city in a timely fashion and staying up to date on what’s going on throughout the week. Twitter users can follow @internetweekeu for all of the latest updates. Attendees can also sign up for the newsletter on the official Internet Week Europe site where maps and addresses for the different locations are also available. Attendees navigating Europe with their smartphones may consider downloading the mTrip Travel Guide London iPhone application, which will provide updated information and travel planning tools for getting around London during your week stay.

For individuals hoping to get involved with Internet Week Europe, visiting will provide all of the different avenues for doing so. Organizers hope that companies will take this opportunity to spread the word about their unique organizations, utilizing this week as a great PR opportunity. All of the events are being promoted equally by Internet Week Europe in an attempt to bring attention to companies both big and small.

The event has been organized by a varied group of individuals who make up the Executive Council of Internet Week Europe. From members of the mainstream media to technology developers, the many volunteers have contributed to make Internet Week Europe one of the prominent events for technology promotion in Europe. Organizers hope that Internet Week Europe will have the same success that the original continues to enjoy each year in New York City.

Sarah Danielson writes for Remote Desktop where you can read over the benefits of remote desktop software and receive a free 30 day trial.