Traveling Solo? 10 Tips for keeping safe & having fun.

After being introduced to few solo travel blogs this week, I was inspired by the topic and wanted to share some tips for those independent travelers out there. Solo traveling is a great way to experience a city. Here are a few tips for stay safe while doing it.

Buy a Guidebook geared toward solos

There are a slue of guidebooks out there, all that appeal to different types of travelers. Pick one that can help you plan your trip itinerary and guide you around the city with suggestions of places to visit. If you happen to be a savvy traveler, opt for a guidebook on your phone that can give you directions and maybe even take you around the city in Augmented Reality!

Plan Ahead

Find out how long it will take and how much it will cost to get from the airport to your accommodation or city centre. Taxi drivers more often than not will take you a longer route than necessary.

Check out Independent Travelers Meeting Places

There are a lot of cities that have well-known meccas for solo travelers – these include cafes, bookstores and youth hostels with bulletin boards and calendars of events. You can find inexpensive tours, cheap or free lectures, social gatherings to join and more

Choose your first nights accommodation

At the very least, have your first nights accommodation worked out. Even if you are one of those ‘of the moment travellers’, it’s important while traveling alone to at least have a defined start point.

Keep your identification & money safe

Whether it be your purse or wallet, always be mindful of your belongings. Certain cities are known for pick-pocketers and if you look like a tourist, you are a perfect target.

Don’t look like a tourist

Exude confidence and walk purposefully. If you look lost or confused you are a perfect target. Instead of carrying a huge map and paperback guidebook, opt for a travel guide app on your phone. This is much less obvious and will be an even better resource for getting you around the city.

Keep to open, public places

Especially at night you will want to stick to safe places where there are lots of people around. Be smart about where you choose to go.

Do talk to strangers!

While traveling solo, you want to meet new people and make connections with other independent travelers and locals. Keep your wits about you but don’t be afraid to engage in conversation with people in cafes, hotels and other safe places. You might make some good connections. If you choose to stay at a hostel you are sure to meet lots of like-minded travelers that could even become new travel buddies.

Enjoy your solo experience

Learn to eat alone comfortably and happily. Choose lively bistros and cafes where you are likely to meet interesting people. Try to find places that locals or tourists frequent. Whether you meet tourists or locals they are both great experiences for different reasons.

Be open-minded but safe

People travel alone because its an adventure and a great way to meet new people. Scam artists can be very charming though so you have to be careful who you engage in conversation with, who you trust and where you go. Being open-minded but smart and safe at the same time are the most important things to keep in mind for your solo trip!

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