Travel Agencies, Tour Operators, TMC

Because Mobile Customization Matters


Just like your website, a mobile application is the vehicle for your corporate and marketing identity. Would you consider sharing a domain name or your website design with other companies in the industry?


Independent leisure travelers, organized tours and business travelers, represent various demographics that each require a distinct set of features. To provide the ultimate support, your mobile app needs to adapt to the specificity of each profile.


When it comes to the leisure segment, being able to provide tailor-made recommendations and guidance to clients, plays a significant role in the added value of the agency as well as in the element of differentiation.


The cost of going mobile is significant, especially when working to maintain user engagement and trying to avoid roaming charges with an offline solution. Knowing that the lifespan of a mobile is approximately 3 years, not every organization can afford to pay over 100K to develop their own custom-made mobile app from scratch. A white-label solution, which offers a high level of customization, is an excellent option for travel agencies, OTAs, tour operators and TMCs. The benefits of this solution range from having a controlled and reasonable budget and reaching the market in a short time, to maintenance and upgrades being included in the license as well as a proven track record.

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