Top Five Reasons to Visit Dubai This Winter

When deciding on a winter getaway, tropical destinations like Mexico or the Caribbean often make the top of the list.  Dubai is often not thought about as a winter travel destination but in fact it’s one of the best.  We’ve listed off five of the many great reasons to visit Dubai in this winter.

It’s the best time of year to visit

Patio in Dubai

Sunshine in Dubai

Dubai enjoys sunshine year round making it a great destination to visit, however, temperatures in summer reach an unbearable average of 104F.  In winter temperatures drop to an average of approximately 70F; Perfect for taking a pleasant stroll along the beach or dining on the patio.

It’s different

Odds are you know several people going off to Mexico, Hawaii or Thailand to get away from the winter weather.  How many people do you know going to Dubai?  You can do nearly anything in Dubai: world-class skiing, swimming, shopping or simply soak in the city’s heritage.

Enjoy world-class swimming

The Leap of Faith water slide

"The Leap of Faith"

In winter the ocean remains crystal clear but becomes too cold for most of us to swim in.  Fortunately Dubai is home to some of the greatest water parks and pools in the world.

Aquaventure at the Atlantis the Palm resort features everything you would want at an aquatic park: river rides, a water playground, pools, eight waterslides and more.

One of the main highlights is the “Leap of Faith”.  Standing 90 feet tall and 200 feet long this waterslide starts o the top of the Ziggurat and immediately goes into a steep drop down the side of the Ziggurat, through the shark tank (in a clear tube) and out the bottom.

If you would like to see the sharks at a more leisurely pace the “Shark Attack” also goes through the shark lagoon in a clear tunnel.

Indoor Alps

Dubai may be a desert so it may sound a bit odd to say that it’s also a great place to hit the slopes.  Conveniently located in the Mall of the Emirates, Ski Dubai is the world’s largest indoor ski facility.  Inside you will find a 200ft tall mountain that the size of three football fields, with five ski runs with different lengths and difficulty.

Ski Dubai Indoor Skiing

One of the five runs at Ski Dubai

There is also a 32, 000 square foot snow park with toboggan runs, icy body slide, climbing towers, a snow cavern and a snow ball shooting gallery.  When it comes time to take a break, there are also two cafés located within the facility.

Local Festivals

Dubai Global Village Festival

Global Village Festival

During winter, Dubai is host to many festivals. One of the largest festivals is the “Dubai Shopping Festival” (DSF).  Although it may sound strange, Dubai is best known for its gold, money and shopping, making it the perfect festival for the city.

From January 5th to February 5th 2012 over 6000 shops in 50 malls will participate in the festival providing discounts and tax free shopping.  There are also prize such as cars, cash, gold and various festivals and events such as Global Village.

Global Village is associated with the DSF but continues on after the DSF is over.  It is an outdoor cultural fair showcasing various cultures.  You can enjoy the authentic cuisine, shopping and performances.

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images by: edmundyeo, Kate Webster, LostBob, Ricky Brigante & Greg