Top Five Attractions to Visit in Bangkok

Bangkok, meaning “village of wild plums” is the largest city in Thailand and happens to be the Capital of this incredible country – but did you know that this city is actually called Krung Thep Mahanakhon (City of Angels) by locals? Anyone can see that Bangkok is a city with an endless amount of things to experience so if you are planning to visit the ”City of Angels” we have some suggestions for the top attractions you should visit.


1. Wat Arun (Sunrise Temple)

Wat Arun Temple - Bangkok

Wat Arun Temple - Bangkok

This Buddhist temple is astonishing because of its height (79m) and decor, which is composed of porcelain and stained glass. It was built in commemoration of Mount Meru and the satellites that surround it. It’s thought that you can’t climb to the top but may go to the lower part of the spire and enjoy the view.


Klong Canal - Bangkok

Klong Canal - Bangkok

2. Klong

This is actually a canal located in the central plain of Thailand. It’s a must when going to Bangkok if you want to experience the city as thailanders lived it every day. Plus you will discover beautiful restaurants on the water serving crazy dishes.

3. Wat Phra Kaew (Temple of Esmeralda Buddha)

This is the place where both tourists and locals go due to its incredible sights but more importantly because in its walls you’ll find the country’s most venerated Buddha. Don’t forget to visit this enormous complex with gold buildings inspired by fairytales and paintings made for the King’s court.

4. Khaosan Road

This is a pedestrian area where you will find dozens of guesthouses and backpackers. With so many backpackers, this is definitely a place to have fun and socialize with other travelers. You can also shop for whatever you need in the 400 meter long street or even be adventurous and get a tattoo!

5. National Art Gallery

National Art Gallery - Bangkok

This is the main exhibition gallery for modern art in the city. Here you will discover contemporary art made by Thai artists and some great pieces of traditional thai art starting from the 17th century.

This city has so much to offer in terms of sights and attractions, but one of the best experiences is its people. Immerse yourself in the culture, try the local dishes and abandon yourself to the madness of this amazing place.

*** It’s important to know that most of the attractions in Thailand are religious. In order to visit them you need to abide by their dress code. Women should wear dresses/skirts that are at least knee-length and their arms should be covered. Men should not wear shorts***

Written by Claudia Carranza, a member of the mTrip team.

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Photos by: *CQ* and Mark Fischer Ian Fuller Chrissy Olson