Tips & Tricks for Traveling with your iPhone

Traveling abroad with your iPhone? Check out some tips and tricks for intelligent traveling. Whether you are a spontaneous backpacker, touring couple, vacationing family, or business traveler we have some clever tips for you to take advantage of your smartphone on your travels.

Sync your iPhone before you leave

You will want to sync your iPhone before you leave to ensure recent backup upon return from your travels.

Avoid Roaming Charges

Turn off data roaming in your iPhone to shut down your Internet access. You will still be able to get Internet access via Wi-Fi at your hotel, airport, cafe and anywhere else its available. To turn off data roaming go to Settings>General>Network>Data Roaming

Phone home through Wi-Fi (Skype) to make inexpensive calls from abroad. If you need an international data plan, check out specialized ones for travelers like the AT&T World Traveler Package.

Turn Fetch New Data Off
Control data flow by checking email and syncing contacts and calendars manually. You can control data flow in place of having data pushed to your iPhone automatically.

To turn off Auto-check go to: Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars>Fetch New Data, Change Push to “OFF” and Select to Fetch Manually

Download iPhone Apps

Avoid roaming charges and opt for some inexpensive or free apps that will assist you with your travels.

Top Paid Apps
Check your flight status (FlightTrack – Live Flight Status Tracker)
Translate any language (Translate It!)
Listen to Air Traffic Control Live Audio Feed (LiveATC Air Radio)
Take the Tube in London (London Tube)
Take the Metro in Paris (Metro Paris)

Top Free Apps
Find free Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi Finder)
Make traveling easier with Southwest Airlines (Southwest Airlines)
Get exchange rate information (Currency)
Organize your travels with ease (Tripit)
Learn about Artists and their Masterpieces (Art Lite)

Don’t forget your iPhone adapter

If you are traveling abroad you will want to purchase an outlet plug adapter kit from Apple. This kit is inexpensive and a must for backpackers and business travelers alike. The kit only costs $14.95 and comes with everything you need.

Set Passcode on your iPhone
Avoid strangers sifting through your personal information or dialing long distance.
Just add extra security to your iPhone by enabling a passcode. Turn on the option for your phone to erase itself after 10 failed passcode attempts. No need to worry – you can easily restore your phone from backup to bring it back.

Enjoy your travels!

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