Support & Service Level Agreement

The Software Product maintenance and support included in the license fee covers:

– Bugs and failure fixing (see SLA below)

– Mobile application updates due to new operating systems and new devices

– General feature improvements

mTrip will provide the Licensee with support between the hours of 9 am and 5pm EST during business days. Expected response times after a request has been submitted during the support hours by email shall depend upon the severity level assigned by the Licensor to such request (in its reasonable discretion), and are as follows:

Severity LevelDescriptionExpected response times
Level 1 – CriticalComplete failure of the mobile application2 hours
Level 2 – HighEssential functionalities are disrupted4 hours
Level 3 – MediumPartial or limited loss of functionality8 hours
Level 4 – LowInconvenience but not impacting performance48 hours