Singapore’s “other” side for travelers

Sometimes small countries pack the most punch – and Singapore is a perfect example. Not only is it a small city-state, it’s also on an island, so there’s even more potential for limitations. Which is why Singapore’s variety is all the more enjoyable and unexpected.

Singapore is incredibly wealthy, and the city center shows off with unbelievably clean streets and sparkling lights. This is a city that offers all the perks a big city does, it’s just that Singapore does it in a slightly more polished manner. The usual suspects on a city break itinerary are here – the shopping is outstanding, the variety of cuisines is tempting, and there are opportunities to experience local arts and culture in museums and theaters. But Singapore is much more than your average big city in Asia.

Despite being a relatively small city-state confined by its island boundaries, Singapore’s landscape is quite diverse. Within central Singapore there are several big parks and green spaces (many of which are popular with locals for practicing tai chi), not to mention the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari, the bird park or botanical gardens – all within a short distance from one another, especially since Singapore’s public transportation is so fast and efficient.

Further afield, you still don’t have to travel far to get to a quiet residential area on the east coast of the island that enjoys a beautiful beach that stretches for 20km. The area tends to be fairly tourist-free, although it’s close to where Changi Airport is located, because there aren’t “attractions,” per se – but if a leisurely day at the beach is on your agenda, this is a good spot for it. You can also hop over to a small adjacent island to get a glimpse of what all of Singapore used to be like – you can even go camping on the beach in some places.

The hidden secrets of Singapore are plentiful, if you’re willing to look beyond the surface and stay more than a day or two. And hey, if you’re fortunate enough to be arriving via flights on Singapore Airlines – the country’s award-winning and luxurious national carrier – you may just want to fly back and forth a few times for repeat visits.

– by Jessica of BootsnAll

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photo by Goynang