Romantic sightseeing in Paris on Valentine’s Day

Paris has long cashed in on its reputation for being the city of love. With romantic scenery at every turn, its no wonder. If you are spending Valentines Day with your loved one in Paris, make it a day of sightseeing and visit some of these romantic spots.


Les deux Magots

The Paris of artists, writers and philosophers like Picasso, Matisse, Oscar Wilde and Hemingway spent their days in cafe life at their favorite haunt, Les demux Magots. Enjoy a romantic drink here with your loved one.


The Eiffel Tower

While the Eiffel Tower might be the world’s most famous tourist attraction and Paris’ most familiar symbol of romance, long lines and thousands of tourists could thwart all your attempts at a romantic experience, especially on Valentine’s Day. During the day, make your way to the fountain adjacent the Eiffel Tower, which sits next to the viewing platform of the Trocardero. While there are still crowds here, there will be less so. Also the various parks surrounding the fountain are often empty and still provide wonderful views of the Tower. Take a bottle of champagne and a picnic for a romantic Paris-style lunch.

If you decide to go to the Eiffel Tower, try visiting at night when the tower and skyline are gorgeously lit up and you are less likely to fight the crowds.


Arc de Triomphe

With its awe-inspiring details and beautiful architecture, the Arc de Triomphe is quite the sight to see. Sit at Place de L’etoile square and admire the beautiful monument while the hustle and bustle of Paris passes you by. If you are feeling more adventurous, climb to the top to get a full view of Paris. It’s great to see the famous avenue at sunset or all lit up at night.


Jardin des Tuileries

Surrounded by palaces and ponds, these well maintained gardens designed in the 1600’s are perfect eye candy for a Valentine’s Day stroll with your loved one.


Square du Vert Galant

This tiny but pretty park derives its name from Henri IV. Vert Galant was one of his nicknames to signify that he had a reputation for many love affairs.

The square is a great place to picnic. You can almost dangle your feet in the Seine. Here you will also find the departure point for the Vedette tour boats on the Seine.


Seine River

Stroll the banks of the Seine river, or sit and watch the water with a bottle of wine. A highlight for many is taking a cruise of the Seine river. This can be a good option if its too cold to sit outside or you are looking for more of a tour of the banks. See the river at night for a romantic evening.


Pont Alexandre III

Never miss a chance to stand on this bridge. Considered to be the most beautiful bridge in Paris, Pont Alexandre III is really romantic. With its opulent decoration of lamps, cherubs, nymphs and alarm horses at each end, many have said it is good luck to kiss on this bridge.


Le Pont des Arts

One of Paris’ most photogenic monuments, Le Pont des Arts has long been visited by lovers for every corner of the world. A declaration of love here isn’t so unusual. In fact, it wasn’t until last year that the city decided to remove almost 2,000 love padlocks (candenas d’amour), with eternal messages of love written on them. It also happens to be the same bridge where Big of Sex & The City proposed to Carrie!

Often a spot for picnics and a studio en plain air for painters, artists and photographers, the bridge is a place to observe people, listen to music, watch a painter or just take in the atmosphere of Paris.

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