New Features & Updates on mTrip!

As a new and growing company, mTrip is constantly evolving with new technology and features so travelers will always have the most intelligent and animated trip experiences. At mTrip’s launch we put much focus on two of our most unique and technologically advanced features – Augmented Reality (AR) and the brilliant mTrip Genius.

As you may already know, Augmented Reality is one of the newest and most exciting features on iPhone apps, especially in the travel industry. AR allows travelers to not only gain a greater perspective of their surroundings, but also to get a quick snapshot of all the tourist attractions, restaurants, hotels etc in any given area. While more and more developers are starting to add AR to their apps, mTrip was one of the first in the travel industry to launch this feature, even ahead of Lonely Planet.


Last week we talked about the mTrip Genius, a travel itinerary planner like no other. It generates your trip itinerary based on all the important factors you would normally take into account before planning a travel itinerary – trip dates, accommodation, travel interests, pace preference, traveler ratings and so on.
The Genius looks simple but what’s really going on behind the scenes only the intelligent algorithm knows! Leave that to us!
The mTrip Genius technology is exclusive to mTrip!


So what’s new on mTrip, you ask?


blankSearch Function

Whereas before the mTrip search function allowed you to find a point of interest within a specific category, you can now search much more broadly.
Once you are in the app, just go into the ‘More’ tab and tap on ‘Search’ – start entering the point of interest name or even street name and mTrip’s travel directory will pull up the matching queries. Each search query that is populated will indicate what type of point of interest it is – restaurant, hotel, attraction, etc…


blankMulti-Tasking on iOS 4

If you have the iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 and you have updated your system to iOS 4, multi-tasking will be one of your greatest tools. Lets say you want to add a new hotel to the travel guide but you don’t know the address and therefore need to access the Internet. Instead of quitting the app and starting over, you simply double tap the home screen button; this will bring you to more options for choosing what you want to do next. When you are done, double tap it again to return to mTrip.


blankCurrency Converter

Go into the ‘More’ tab in the mTrip app to access the new currency converter and get exchange rates for the city you are visiting. Do note that the currency converter will give you the exchange rate for the city associated with the travel guide you purchased (if you purchased mTrip Paris it will give you the Є exchange rate). It will use your home currency automatically for the exchange rate but if you want to change that, go into ‘Settings’ in the ‘More’ tab and simply change your home currency. Don’t forget – within each point of interest in the travel guide directory, mTrip already lists out prices in your home currency. The work there is already done for you!


blankNew Design for Directions

mTrip has simplified its design within the Map, for getting directions to and from points of interest. Now you simply tap on either the walking symbol or the subway symbol to get where you need to go, fast.


Edit/Delete Points of Interest

For those mTrip users that are creating their own updates to the travel guide, this will be a helpful update. If you add a point of interest to the travel guide and later decide you want to edit or delete it, no problem – the option is now given to you. Simply go into your Favorites and edit or delete the point of interest from there.

Additional Travel Guides Added

This month mTrip added five new city guides to its repertoire – Madrid, Moscow, Vienna and Washington, D.C. We are frequently adding new city guides monthly so check back soon for the latest travel guides!


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