mTrip launches V2.0!

We are proud to announce our most major update, mTrip V2.0! With tons of new features and improvements such as an all new trip journal, mTrip 2.0 is an update you can’t afford to miss. Check out the demo video and read more about mTrip 2.0!


Trip JournalNew Trip Journal and More Sharing Options

Trip sharing doesn’t have to be hard. With mTrip 2.0’s all new trip journal, you can easily add check-ins, pictures and notes then hit sync and share your trip through Facebook, Twitter and email.

Trip Dashboard

The trip dashboard collects all of your trip journals, your trip itineraries and your favorite places and gathers them all in one place making it easy to keep family and friends informed about your latest travels.

Itineraries and toursBacking up and Transferring Trip Itineraries

First of all we would like to thank all of our fans who recommended that we integrate a way to transfer trip itineraries! With this update, you cannot only transfer trip itineraries between multiple devices but you can also save your itineraries online and load themlater!

mTrip GuideImproved UI and places pages

mTrip 2.0 brings a whole new look and feel with its updated UI, however, the most notable changes come to the places pages and directions. The places pages have been completely overhauled to make it easier to get the information you want, such as opening hours, transportation, directions and ratings and reviews left by other travellers.

Offline maps and directionsOffline maps and directions

Directions and the itinerary’s map view have also been revamped to included more details in a simpler to use interface.

Additional itinerary options

In addition to features such as the trip genius, which automatically generates a trip itinerary based on your travel preferences, we have added more options to make planning simpler. Have a specific restaurant you want to dine at during your trip? Or perhaps you are looking for one somewhere on your route. Well mTrip 2.0 now offers spaces in the itinerary for lunch and dinner as well as the ability to find restaurants along your route. Moreover, smart order has become even smarter. Not only can you have your trip itinerary re-arranged in the most efficient order, you can now use it to switch entire days in your trip itinerary.

Other sharing features

Want to share even more? Other sharing features include check-ins on Facebook, updated postcards and more!

mTrip for iPhone 5Enhanced for the iPhone 5

Don’t worry iPhone 5 users, we didn’t forget you. mTrip Guides now take advantage of the iPhone 5’s larger screen providing more map space, longer lists

Want to learn more about mTrip’s newest features and improvements?

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What do you think of mTrip 2.0? Do you have any questions? Let us know in the comments below!