Feature Friday – Sync your Trip Itineraries between devices!

This week we’re going to feature one of the most common questions we receive in our support box. Can I sync my mTrip travel guide’s trip itinerary to another device? The answer is yes! You can sync, backup and share your trip itinerary.

Why sync your trip itinerary?

Syncing the trip itinerary allows you to create it on one device such as a tablet and send it to your phone. It also allows you to transfer it to your family or friends devices who are traveling with you.

You can also simply save your trip itinerary online. By saving your trip online, you will have a backup of your itinerary and be able to view it securely on mTrip.me and share it with family and friends.

So how do you do you sync your trip itinerary?

Start by going to the Itinerary tab, tap the share button in the top right corner. This button will be different for iPhone and Android.


the share button for iphone is in the top right


From there, tap Save your itinerary.
Then either connect with Facebook, log in with an existing mTrip account or register a new mTrip account and it will save your trip itinerary online.
Lastly, to sync it to another device, go the Itinerary on the second device, tap the share button and select Load Itinerary. Then choose the itinerary you’d like to load and you’re done!

Don’t have mTrip yet? Download the mobile app for iPhone or Android today!


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What’s Feature Friday? Every second friday we highlight a feature that we believe will help you make the most out of your travels in our guides! A lot of these features are ones that are underused, overlooked or that we get a questions about in our support box. Have any suggestions? Send us an email at support(at)mtrip.com