mTrip rated 9/10 in WIRED’s 2012 App Guide

Yesterday, WIRED published their 2012 App Guide featuring 413 essential apps including mTrip, which was the top rated travel app with a rating of 9/10!

This is a series of city-specific apps for dozens of locations around the world. Download the app for the city you're visiting and tell it how long you'll be there, adding details like your pace and level of interest in things like museums and nature. It will generate custom sightseeing itineraries. Or you can use its write-ups and reviews to plan your won tours.

WIRED Magazine’s review of mTrip

Discussing the importance of software over hardware, WIRED Editor, Mat Honan stresses that it is apps are what make our devices special.

“In short, apps are the new gadgets. Think about all the junk you used to carry in your pockets or keep stuffed in desk drawers. Its gone. Replaced by stacks of bits that run on sensors (smartphones)”.

This is exactly what we do with mTrip.  No more heavy guide books, paper maps and loose papers. Everything from planning to sharing your trip is in one place.

Check out WIRED’s review of mTrip on the right, or pick up this issue at a news stand near you.