mTrip Guides tested by GEO Magazine, European equivalent of National Geographic (Rated 9.5/10)

In their December issue on Istanbul, GEO, a European equivalent to National Geographic reviewed mTrip travel guides.

Basing their judgment on three criteria, ergonomics, richness and utility they looked at the application for both for the iPhone and for Android and gave the app a final rating of 9.5/10.

What drew the attention and appreciation of author Eric Tenin was the ability of the app to function 100% offline.  Furthermore he highlighted the ability to create easy to use and personalized itineraries, as well as the latest feature of the app: the ability to share a trip journal and photos online.

In conclusion he stated, “Ernest Hemingway or Pierre Loti would surely love this app”.

Geo Magazine - December 2011

Geo Magazine – December 2011


mTrip tested in GEO Magazine