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What is the “Traveler Tracking” section?

The  “Traveler Tracking” section allows you to keep an eye on travelers during the dates of the trip and send them emails or push notifications.

To search for a traveler, you can go to the “Traveler Tracking” section in the “Duty of Care” tab. You can either filter by account or destination, or search directly for a specific traveler by writing their name in the search bar. Once you find the traveler, you can send them a message directly from this page.

How to activate “Traveler Tracking”
Go to the account settings, select “Duty of Care” and switch on “Activate Traveler GPS Tracking”.

In order for the traveler to be located, the following needs to be done: 

  • Switched on Activate Traveler GPS Tracking
  • The traveler has enabled the location settings on their mobile device
  • The traveler is on their trip
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