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What’s the “Risk Alerts” section?

This page displays all the alerts from around the world, which can be filtered by risk type, severity and country. In order to only show alerts sent to your travelers, you can select “Display only alerts with impacted travelers”. When you click on the alerts, the names of the travelers will be displayed.

Alert radius: 100 km / 62 miles

Here’s how the levels of risk are measured:

  • Low: No threat to a company’s personnel or facilities
  • Moderate: Weak threat to the security of a company’s personnel or facilities. The nature of the threat does not justify travel restriction, but it becomes necessary to be vigilant and monitor developments.
  • High: The threat level is confirmed and tends to increase. Increased vigilance is recommended. Developments should be monitored and the recommendations of the local authorities should be adhered to.
  • Major: The threat is conformed and real. Unnecessary travel should be avoided and extreme vigilance exercised.
  • Maximum: The threat level is at its maximum. All travel must be under professional security escort.
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