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What is the difference between Travel Documents and Trip Attachments?

Travel Documents and Trip Attachments are both features that allow you to upload files to the app, so that travelers can have access to them anytime.

The main difference between Travel Documents and Trip Attachments is where these files are shown on the application:

  • Travel Documents appear among all the buttons on top of the Trip Screen or Main Screen. You can choose the order by dragging the features in the “App Menu” section in your account settings.

  • Trip Attachments appear in the “Trip Information” bar on the app. It can be placed on either the top or bottom of the page, you can choose when creating the documents in the “Trip Attachments” section of the trip.

Another difference is the type of file:

  • Travel Documents are files you would need to upload from your computer (or mobile device, if you are adding them directly from the app) and they can’t be customized once uploaded.

  • Trip Attachments can be created and customized: you can choose the name, select the type of document (text, file or link) and add the content you want to appear in the app. You can also create a Trip Attachment template in the “Library” section of the CMS if you have a recurring document. This way, you will be able to quickly import it to each trip by clicking on the “Import from Library” button.

The final difference concerns the abilities of the travelers:

  • Travel Documents can be added directly from the application. Travelers can upload any documents they might need by selecting the “Travel Documents” button on the Trip Screen (a “plus” option will appear in this section).
    To activate this feature, go to “Settings” > “Features”, and activate the “Users can add their travel documents” option from the “Mobile Features” section.

  • Trip Attachments can be created and customized only by admins in the CMS and not by travelers.

Both of these document types can be visible to every traveler on the trip or you can select which travelers should have access to them.
In the settings section of the trip in your CMS, you can switch off the “Applies to all travelersoption to choose which traveler you would like to give permission to.

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