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How do I create an itinerary?

In the Activities section of your trip, start off your itinerary by adding the Day TitleDay Summary and an image for that day.
  • Day Title – This will be the first text that the user sees for that day, and is meant to represent what will be happening. Here are some examples: “First Day in London”, “Exploring the City”, “Conference – Day 3”, etc.
  • Day Summary – The summary will appear below the Day Title, and is a great way to go over what will be happening that day.
You can then create activities or free text.
  • Creating Activities – Select the Add New Activity button. There you can add all of the details, the location, pictures and associated places. If some travelers are not attending this activity, you can uncheck them in the Travelers portion.
  • Free Text – Select the Add Free Text button. Here you can add a task or casual activity (ex. “Coffee Break” or “Free Time”).
You can allow travelers to rate and review activities.
  • Rate & Review – You can activate the Travelers can rate and review this activity option. Traveler ratings and reviews can be viewed in the Reports tab under Activity Rating. *Traveler reviews are not made public and can only be viewed in the designated section of the Reports tab.
You provide your travelers with optional activities.
  • Optional Activities – You can activate the This activity is optional option. Once activated, travelers will see an “Optional” bar on top of that activity. There is also the option of adding a booking URL, if the activity is not included.
You can set a timed reminder notifications before activities.
  • Timed Reminder – After activating Send reminder XX minutes before the start time of this activity, add the time you would like the travelers to receive a reminder (ex. 30 minutes before). They will eventually receive a notification that informs them that the activity is starting in XX minutes.
You can also search for activities or points of interest.
  • Activity/Point of Interest Search – You can search for an activity/point of interest by going to the Search for an activity or point of interest search bar. You’ll be able to find restaurants, hotels, attractions and much more. Once you find an activity/point of interest you can add a description and choose the time of day.
 *If this is a recurring itinerary, you can save it as a template for next time. Just select the Templates button and click Save as template.
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