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How do I format and upload my logo?

Got to the Settings section and select the account where you would like to add the logo. Once you are in the account, go to the Branding section.
You then have the choice of uploading your logo on a white background in the Logo section or uploading one or multiple custom headers in the Mobile app trip header section.
The dimensions for these options are listed below.

1. Upload your logo

400px by 200px – .jpg or .png format.
Images not 400 x 200 will be cropped.

Preferably a white background

2. Optional: upload a full size banner displayed on the top of the main screen

File dimension: 640px x 340px
Safe zone: 115px height from top and from bottom

What is the “safe zone”? This is the area of the main screen header that does not contain wording or icons (ex. the “My Trips” at the top left hand corner). This is where the logo should be placed, so that it isn’t blocked by the trip title or icons.
It is strongly recommend that the main screen header has a darker background so that the wording will remain visible.

Using Photoshop? download this template to help you creating the graphic

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