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How do I configure my invitation email?

Each account/agency can have its own invitation email template. This template is used to pre-fill the invitation email that is sent to travelers.

You can locate the invitation email template by going to  Settings > selecting an account > going to the Email Templates tab

The text can include dynamic content. For example: You would see “Dear [first] – Have a great trip to [destinations]” on the template, but on the email it would appear as “Dear John – Have a great trip to Cancun” (if John is traveling to Cancun).

List of dynamic variables that can be included in the template:

[app name]: travel app name
[trip identifier]: voyage identifier

[first]: traveler’s first name
[last]: traveler’s last name
[username]: traveler’s email
[password]: traveler’s password
[booking-reference]: trip booking reference

[destinations]: list of destinations included in the trip

[agency name]: account name
[agency email]: account email
[agency phone]: account phone


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