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How can I give CMS access to my agents, consultants or travel managers in the “Account Users” section of each account?

In the Account Settings, click on the “Admin Users” section on the left. You will then be able to create a CMS login and assign a specific role:

Account Admin (default) – Has access to all the trips that are under that account, and to the rest of the CMS. *They have access to the account settings.

Travel Consultant – Has access to trips under accounts they belong to and can edit or review them. They can only edit information that they have added as a Travel Consultant. *They have no access to the account settings but have access to the Duty of Care section.

Risk Manager – Has access to the Duty of Care tab and the location of the users for the account, in the Traveler Tracking section. They can view trips, but can’t edit or delete them. *They have no access to the account settings.

Supervisor –Can create new trip elements and can also update or delete any element added by any admins or pushed by the API. Supervisors cannot manage account settings.

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