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How do I activate the in-app messaging feature?

Activating the in-app messaging

  • Go to your account settings, select “Customer Service”, activate the “In-app messaging” feature and add the email address. This will be the email address where you will receive messages from the client (as a regular email, even if the clients will see it as a real chat).

  • Go to your account settings, select “Features” and then click on “App Menu”.

  • You can either add the “Contact” button (in will show inside with the other contact methods) or just the “Messaging” button.

How it works

  • A “Messaging”/”Contact” button will be displayed on the app’s main screen or trip screen. By pressing the button, the user will have access to a messaging window where they can ask questions or give comments to you directly.

  • All messages are sent to the email you provided in the “Customer Service” section.

  • To answer a message, just reply to the email like you would for any other email.

  • Your client will then receive a push notification, even if the app is not open.

  • After pressing the notification, the app will open directly to the messaging window with your answer.

*To see how it works, checkout the “In-app Messaging” tutorial video on the “Support” page.

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