Keep Connected Abroad With Mobile Broadband

Mobile broadband technology has become hugely popular over recent years, and is being utilised by both casual and business travellers on a regular basis. You can get great prices and get online for a start price of around £20. Check out prices on comparison sites. With mobile broadband services users are able to benefit from flexibility, convenience, and total freedom, as this technology allows them to get online whilst out and about without the need to be stuck in a fixed location.

The great thing about mobile broadband is that users can get online not only whilst out and about in their own country but also when out in other countries. Many network operators have networks available in other countries, and therefore offer what is known as roaming facilities. However, there are a few things that you should check on and bear in mind if you are considering using mobile broadband abroad.

What to consider if planning to use mobile broadband abroad

  • You should always check with your provider whether roaming facilities are available, otherwise you may not be able to use the service abroad. If you feel that you will be using mobile broadband abroad regularly to get on the internet then check on the roaming facilities before you subscribe to the package
  • Always check the roaming mobile broadband charges with your provider before you travel, as otherwise you may be using more than you can realistically afford and could end up being the victim of ‘bill shock’ upon your return
  • Look at other options for getting online whilst abroad if you are worried that you may end up paying over the odds. Remember, many destinations have public WiFi for free or you may have free or low cost WiFi at your hotel or accommodation
  • If you are on PAYG remember to top up and activate your account for roaming before you go away

Other things to bear in mind

You should remember that the cost of roaming is not necessarily the same for each country, so even if you have been to one country recently and know what the roaming charges are for that country you should always check on the charges before you travel to another destination. The cost could vary significantly.

It may be worth asking your provider about options such as pay per day plans if you want to use mobile broadband whilst abroad. This can help you to budget far more effectively, and will eliminate the risk of bill shock.

Do bear in mind that if you are using your mobile broadband for things like surfing and emailing then you should be fine in terms of cost as long as you have done your research. However, you should resist the temptation to stream content and shows using your service, as this can cost a fortune, and has left some people facing bills of thousands when they return home.