JTB Australia Introduces Their App for MICE Powered by mTrip

As a leader of the travel industry, the JTB group has made it their business to provide an optimal traveler experience. Their knowledge and seasoned expertise spans across the leisure, business, education and group branches of travel. As a part of JTB, JTB Australia is dedicated to producing the total package for their customers. Working with Australian companies to create unique MICE programs in Japan is not only a focus but a specialty. With several products and services as well as knowledgeable assistance, JTB Australia takes MICE programs in Japan to the next level. A IATA and ATAS member with offices in Australia and New Zealand, JTB Australia is equipped with the tools and skilled professionals to help their clients with their travel needs. With the help of mTrip, JTB Australia has released their exciting new mobile app, JTB Australia Trips!

The JTB Australia Trips mobile app encompasses all of the company’s values. From creating an enhanced travel experience for their clients, to providing continuous support throughout their journey. With flight alerts that provide notifications for flight or gate changes, users are able to stay on top of their travels. This offline mobile solution is also filled with destination content and useful features. The tour leader feature in particular, allows designated members of a travel group to not only locate participants but also communicate with them. Along with this helpful tool, JTB Australia’s travelers can have access to engaging MICE programs and activities. The JTB Australia travel assistant provides a multipurpose solution that enriches the travel process, creating a trip like no other for their clients.

Background picture by Yeon Kyung Mo