I Scream for Ice Cream – In Amsterdam!

You’d be crazy to ignore the ice cream temptations while visiting Europe. Here are some of the best ice cream parlors in Amsterdam. Your taste buds are about to be tantalized!

Fior di Gelato

Fior di Gelato is located in the heart of the old city center of Amsterdam. The staff will serve you decadent gelato with the biggest smiles on their faces. Why? The establishment is owned and operated by ice cream lovers ‘whose goal is to make people smile and give some colour to Amsterdam’s gray winters.’ Italians can testify that Fior is the real deal.

Monte Pelmo

Monte Pelmo is one of your more traditional ice cream factories, having been in business since 1965. Their delightful flavors are based on a family old recipe, with Italian ice cream and sorbets to choose from.


Tofani opens its doors for the summer months, just in time for terrace sitting, people watching, and ice cream eating weather! Locals testify to Tofani’s delicious ice cream, coffee, milkshakes and cake. Chocolate lovers are definitely welcome here too!

Van der Linde

This one is kept a ‘secret’ among locals because Van der Linde offers the best home made frozen whipped ice cream, pastries, and cheese croquets in town. Check it out even in the winter!


Home made, natural ingredients with recipes based on an old Dutch pastry cook’s shop recipe. The choice is limited but the creamy, nutty flavors make up for it. Check out the mango or raspberry sorbets, a fav among locals.

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