Google Adds Flight Schedules & Airline Routes in Search

Today Google announced some new flight search features that have been implemented into their search. You can utilize the feature simply by searching for a destination on Google. You will be able to see which airlines take that route and when they fly. As shown in the image below, if you search flights ‘New York to Chicago,’ you will get the schedules of all non-stop flights for that route, which airlines are serving it as well as times. You can get the full schedules by clicking on ‘Schedule of non-stop flights.’

You can also see destinations that have non-stop flights from specific airports. For example, search ‘flights from New York’ and Google will return a number of routes from New York’s airports as well as which airlines fly from the airports. You can click ‘Show all non-stop routes’ to get a full list of destinations; from there you can click in to get more flight details.

What do you think of Google’s new flight search feature? Do you think it will be useful when you are searching for flights?


Google Flight Search

Image: preston.rhea