Gifting an App from iTunes

Shopping for holiday gifts can be very stressful – the shops are packed to the gills and lets face it, it’s difficult to shop for almost everyone these days.

A great idea this holiday season is gifting an app from iTunes. They are easy to purchase, you don’t have to fight the crazy shopping crowds and with so many apps in the App Store, you can easily tailor the gift to just about anyone.

Here’s how:

iTunes gift

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  1. In iTunes go to iTunes store in source list
  2. Search mTrip (or whatever app it is) in the top right corner search box
  3. Choose the specific app you would like to give
  4. Click on the arrow to the right of the Buy button
  5. Select ‘Gift this App’
  6. You will either be asked to sign into your iTunes account with your name and password or you will be navigated to the ‘Give a Gift’ page. Once here, you will have to fill in your details, and gift recipients details as well as a personal message. You will also be asked if you would like to send the gift via email or if you would like to print the gift yourself
  7. Once you’ve signed in and completed the ‘Give a Gift’ form, you wil be brought to a page where you can review and confirm your purchase

It’s just that easy to gift an app. From business to travel, music to medical and more there really is an app for that person who has everything.

What kinds of gifts are you giving this holiday season? Are you planning on gifting any apps?