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Tourism Boards & DMO

Mobile Apps for Tourism Authorities and DMO

Destination Guide

Unlimited rich travel and tourism content

Suggested Tours

Automatically generated or suggested itineraries

Map & Navigation

100% OFFLINE – no roaming fees

Marketing & Sales

Generate revenue and expand destination visibility

With over 3 million downloads, mTrip has gained the trust and loyalty of Tourism Boards, Convention and Visitor Bureau (CVB), and Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) and has established itself as a leader in the travel industry. Our custom mobile solution for the iPhone and Android is fully rebranded and designed to enhance the travel experience of your visitors while increasing the visibility of your destination and generating revenue.


Offer your visitors a free guide for their iPhone or Android. mTrip’s white label app gives travelers the guidance and resources of having their own personal tour guide in the palm of their hand. Your visitors will have access to a detailed travel directory, daily itinerary/tour, offline maps and turn-by-turn directions, trip journal and more. All of the features of the app (aside from sharing and updates) are 100% offline with no roaming charges.

Destination Guide

  • Single or multiple destinations for citiesregions and countries
  • Unlimited content (add as many places and editorial content as you wish)
  • Directory of points of interest with pictures, opening hours, prices, contact information, booking links and more
  • Travelers reviews and ratings
  • Calendar of events

100% offline maps & Navigation

  • Detailed Offline maps and location-based navigation by foot or public transport
  • Street and places search
  • Distance and time between visitor’s current location and places

International coverage

  • Mobile app is 100% offline (except for sharing and updates)
  • Available in 14 languages on iPhone and Android

Attractive features

  • Augmented reality
  • Nearby places
  • Currency converter
  • Trip journal
  • Postcards and other sharing features

Itineraries and tours

  • Suggested Tours by the tourism board or DMO
  • Trip Genius™: Personalized daily itineraries automatically generated based on visitors’ preferences, popularity of the places, open hours, location, etc.


The mTrip white label applications for tourism boards, CVB and DMO are a great way to increase the visibility of your destination and distinguish it from others.
The sharing features of the app such as the trip journal and the online trip dashboard will not only improve the visibility of your destination but are also an opportunity to engage with new audiences and build stronger relationships with your visitors. Your visitors can reflect on the great times they had on their trip with family and friends through their trip journal. This gives your destination the most effective sales tool available: word of mouth.


  • Custom mobile application branding for your destination
  • Published on the App Store and Google Play under your account


  • Visitors trip journals highlighting their travel experience including pictures, notes and check-ins are published under your domain name, and shared on social networks under your brand
  • Postcards, pictures and places recommendations shared are by email or via your Facebook account
  • Online Travel Directory (desktop and mobile versions) increase web presence and boost SEO


While offering a great product to your visitors, generate revenues with our non-intrusive revenue generating features. Earn commission for each hotel, restaurant or ticket booking made by visitors through the app. Furthermore, businesses can also sponsor their own place to be featured at the top of the directory or purchase coupon space within the app.

Sponsored places

Business owners pay to get their places listed in first in the guide

Coupons & vouchers

Business owners list special offers to draw traffic to their place (restaurants, bars, activities, etc)

Commission on bookings and reservations

Get commissions on all reservations made through your mobile application

Push notifications

Send push notifications to all your visitors to promote an event, a place, a special offer, etc.


Sell full-screen advertisement within the app to your local partners


Ratings and reviews left by the mobile app users as well as integrated Google Analytics give you a clear picture of your visitors’ preferences and behavior.


Location (country, city), language, device, OS, service provider…


Coupons and places popularity, loyalty, session duration, engagement flow, sharing and publishing features

Mobile Analytics


mTrip has an easy to use cloud-based content management system that does not require any special knowledge to operate. It can be synchronized with you existing database to make the transition to mobile simple.

Cloud-based Content Management System (CMS)

Access our user friendly CMS to add and update the app content, manage marketing features and moderate users’ feedback: places reviews and suggestions

Content synchronization

Synchronize the mobile application content with your in-house system

Cloud-based CMS

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