Traveler tracking

Risk Management

Risk Alerts

Real-time alert messaging to fulfil Duty of Care requirements. Alerts can be sent to travelers, risk managers and agents by push notification, email or text message, depending on the predefined rules.

Alerts are updated by experts on a daily basis:

  • Security alerts
  • Environmental alerts
  • Health alerts

Alerts are available in More languages upon request

Traveler Tracking

  • Real-time GPS and mobile tracking
  • PNR and external bookings tracking
  • Filter by account and destination
  • Send push notifications, emails and text messages
  • Export to Excel

Country Intelligence

  • Country profiles
  • Global country risk scoring
  • Country scoring by type of risk
  • Security and health information
  • Practical information
  • Related risk alerts and trips
  • 206 countries and territories covered

Neighborhood Safety Scores

  • Daytime/nighttime safety
  • Physical harm
  • Health (including COVID19)
  • LGBTQ safety
  • Theft
  • Safety for women
  • Powered by Geosure

Easy to implement, please reach out to [email protected]