Cuba Travel Services mobile app powered by mTrip’s Tour Operator solution

Specialists in American travel to Cuba, Cuba Travel Services (CTS) has launched their official mobile app powered by mTrip’s tour operator solution. Designed to target both customers and other travelers to Cuba, the app is 100% offline and includes VIP features such as flights, trip itinerary, etc as well as a detailed travel guide, offline maps and navigation, trip journal and more.

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CTS customers can get access to the app’s VIP features by logging in. They’ll receive a full trip overview with all their trip details, personalized flight information and daily itineraries provided by CTS. Moreover, both CTS customers and non customers will have access to the comprehensive Cuba travel guide section of the app.

The travel guide covers all the provinces in the country and includes attractions, restaurants, shops and other places with pictures, descriptions, opening hours and prices. Moreover, additional travel content with detailed information for travelers from the US visiting cuba. Getting around cities and the island itself, they’ll be able to navigate using the 100% offline maps and navigation as well as create daily itineraries for each day of their trip.

Travelers will also be able to create and publish a trip journal, showcasing their experience traveling to Cuba with the CTS app.

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