The Wondrous City Of Barcelona

To say that Barcelona has been around for a long time would be a gross understatement. Whether one is interested in the cities history or its present day architecture, both are a major tourist draw year in and year out.

City of Sport

Before delving into the rich cultural history that the city has to offer one ought to begin with the sporting nature of the region. For starters their football team, and its stadium, is among the best in the world, and it boasts of several world reckoned super stars that are a tourist attraction on their own. Aside from the soccer fever that has held the nation in its grip for years the other sport that some of the locals have taken a liking to is bull fighting, that can be viewed at different bull fighting rings within Barcelona.


The one thing that remains true to Barcelona is that even the hotels will leave the guest in awe, long before the service provision can begin. This is simply because the structural design of the hotels is truly one of a kind, and is something that many individuals will never tire of no matter how many times they have been to the city. Speaking of architecture, there is the Hospital de Sant Pau. This is one of the most fascinating constructions any guest will be sure to come across as they icon many of the sights within Barcelona, and the beauty is that it lies right next to the Sagrada Familia. The latter building is a sight to behold, because unlike most of the modern buildings in construction around the city this one has its original starting date listed as 1883 with the completion date scheduled for 2026. However, if possible, this monument should have its own day set aside for it, because the facades and numerous sculptures on it will keep your eyes glued to the walls for hours.

The Verve

Once the diverse construction styles have been taken in to the maximum, then the only other thing to do is experience life a la Barcelona, and one of the best places to do this is Las Ramblas. This is where both locals and guests alike will have the opportunity to absorb the lively atmosphere and wonderful food all rolled into one street. This is also the perfect place to enjoy a drink or two of their favorite brew or, in keeping with the merry making that this region is known for, take part in a flamenco dance session.


Lastly, the tour of Barcelona can not be over until one has climbed up Montjuic and down Monsterrat, and indulged in some serious shopping, whether at some of the high end stores in the region or at the more pocket friendly stores at the mall.

In short, there are numerous things to do while one is visiting Barcelona, and because the city can be overwhelming the first time around, the guest can always make numerous return trips if nothing else to take part in a street party, after stopping by the Gothic part of the city.

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