BERLIN NIGHTLIFE: Top ten bars for spring travels

Traveling to Germany for spring? If you are hitting Berlin, prepare for an exciting experience – the city is packed to the gills with dynamic, underground nightlife with endless bars, restaurants, lounges and clubs to choose from. Among the best to visit, we’ve prepared a list of the top ten to make sure you step foot in during your spring travels.



[mappress]Address: Köpenicker Straße 16, 
10997 Berlin

Laidback restaurant by day, transformed dance party by night. If you are visiting for the restaurant experience, you can expect chilled out music and cocktails. By night however get ready to experience house, trance and techno DJ’s showing off their skills non-stop. The far away location in Friedrichshain ensures an in the know, cool crowd frequenting the venue.

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Address: Straße 70 Köpenicker, 10179 Berlin

Tresor only just returned to Berlin. In 2004 the establishment was forced to close its doors, putting an end to what felt like an era for electronic music lovers. For fourteen years Tresor was undeniably at the forefront of Berlin’s club scene, introducing the capital to techno music in 1991. Tresor reopened its doors in May, welcoming back the loving crowd it once housed.

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Address: Brunnenstrasse 173, 10115 Berlin

King Kong Klub is an exotic hangout in an intimate atmosphere. Experience Berlin nightlife in the comfort of its cozy environment. For more information click here.



Address: Torstraße 60, 10119 Berlin

An eclectic calendar of arts events – poetry readings, film screenings and live music, including the infamous bi-monthly Russian Disco. The ambiance is comparable to a smoky den. Here you will find a lot of student types dancing to anything from German punk to ambient jazz.

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Address: Alexanderstraße 5, 10178 Berlin

The Weekend is one of the top house and techno clubs in Berlin. Situated on the 13th floor of a Soviet block on Alexanderplatz, you can catch a perfect viewing of sunrise. The outside isn’t much for viewing but don’t be fooled – the inside is modern chic with lots of geometric lines. DJ’s from around the world will excite your ears on any regular night. Don’t miss out.

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Address: Straße der Pariser Kommune 10, 10243 Berlin

Known to be one of the coolest nightspots in Berlin, Club Maria is funky with creative lighting, transforming an uninspiring building into an inspirational hot spot. Top music acts like Coldcut, Le Tigre, The Fall and The Knife have performed here so definitely add this one to your list of musts if you are a fan!

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Address: Am Wriezener Bahnhof, 10243 Berlin

Berghain is an industrial-style warehouse club with minimalist interior design, an 18m high dance floor and space for 1500 guests. Berghain is known for hedonism and decadence and is often described as the world capital of techno. If you want a little break or a more relaxed vibe though, head over to Panorama Bar.

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Address: Rosenthaler Strasse 13, 10119 Berlin

B Flat is a nice alternative if you are the jazz music type. Very often live, enjoy jazz melodies from all corners of the world every night of the week. Founded on the principle of always playing “real jazz,” B Flat brings an authentic experience to locals and travelers alike.

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Address: Novalisstraße 11, 10115 Berlin Mitte

Seeking an off the beaten path experience? Want to experience Berlin the way a local would or with a local for that matter? Go a little out of your way and get yourself to Reingold. This is one of those “favorite places to hang for locals” kind of bars. Sit comfortably for hours with an excellent cocktail in a relaxed atmosphere.


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Address: Lützowplatz 7, 10785 Berlin

Classic cocktail excellence! A vast collection of Champagne and rare malt whiskeys. A proud documentation of the bar’s awards is displayed and rightfully so. A modern, classy bar with beautiful architecture and carefully chosen music, everything about this bar seeks to please.

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