Berlin’s latest attraction, The Computer Game Museum

With an archive of 14,000 games and over 300 exhibits, the Computer Game Museum aims to teach visitors about the video gaming evolution in an interactive and experiment-friendly environment.


The industries evolution makes computer games such a unique experience for each generation. To younger generations, the appeal is to transport the player – a fictional world like a movie but with more interaction. To the older generations, gaming is a profound experience; with joysticks in hand, gamers moved spaceships through asteroid fields, or ran circles around mazes while being chased by ghosts.


The museum documents the development of computer games since 1951. It also incorporates future predictions, with experimental installation pieces that examine possibilities for the next generation of gaming. RaveSnake, an eight player game controlled by cell phones via Bluetooth is part of what they call the ‘party games for the sidewalk” genre.


Inside the museum you will find the Wall of Game Milestones, showcasing over 50 famous games that were integral to the evolution of gaming. On display you will see games like Pac-Man, Street Fighter and Sonic the Hedgehog. Another wall of the museum is devoted to computer hardware where more than 50 handheld games, video consoles and home computers are exhibited in chronological order from 1971 up to 2001.

Whether a trip down memory lane or a learning experience, The Computer Game Museum should prove to be interesting for tourists and locals alike.

Address: Computerspiele Museum, Karl-Marx-Allee 93a, 10243 Berlin

Phone (visitors’ service): +49-30-60988577

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Image source – Photographer: Wilhelm Noeldeke
Copyright: Computerspielemuseum