5 Tips for Biking in Amsterdam

Everyone knows that Amsterdam is known for its massive bike culture – kids, teenagers, business professionals and tourists are all using it as the preferred mode of transportation. If you plan on seeing the city on wheels follow these tips to ensure you stay safe.

Always lock your bike

Be sure to use a front and back lock and ensure you lock it to something solid. Bike theft is huge in Amsterdam so don’t take any risks.

Watch out for tram tracks

Your bike tires can easily get stuck in them – approach them at an angle to avoid flying over your handlebars.

Stick to traffic laws

The more experienced bikers in Amsterdam often get away with running red lights but if you are unfamiliar with the roads stick to the traffic laws. It’s not uncommon for police to have their eye on flustered tourists who don’t obey the traffic laws.

Always have your eye on the road.

Don’t be surprised if a car, bike or Vespa attempts to hit you! Stay at a constant speed, keep to the right side of the bike path and use your bell when you want to pass someone.

Don’t forget where you left your bike!

Amsterdam is over-populated with bikes so it’s not unusual to forget where it is and never see it again! Be sure to keep track of its location.

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Image source: web4camguy at https://www.flickr.com/photos/web4camguy/