5 Stress-free Summer Travel Tips

Getting geared up for summer travels? To navigate your trip better, we’ve put together this helpful list of travel tips.

Book your ticket in advance

The more flexible you are about your travel dates, the better chance you have to save some money. Check into special fares or fly into an alternate airport and rent a car. Don’t forget your passport if you are flying internationally!

Plan your itinerary

Whether you are planning your itinerary yourself or using a special device be sure to do it in advance. If you are planning your itinerary yourself, do some research into different types of top-rated and off the beaten path attractions and restaurants that suit your fancy. Have a look at ratings and reviews to get a better idea if you don’t know yourself. If you are using a special device to plan your travel itinerary like an iPhone application test it out before you leave for your trip so that you feel prepared for your trip.

Get a travel guide

There are many different options for a traveler resource – one of the more known is the tried and true paperback travel guide but with the advent of high tech applications, travelers can now take along handy apps on their portable devices to help them through their travels.

Bring along a cell phone

Leave your laptop at home but be sure to bring along a cell phone for emergency, local calls or for using your handy apps. Just make sure you keep calls to a minimum and only use apps that don’t require roaming!

Arrive at the airport early

Difficult airport parking, long line and security checkpoints all add up so be sure to give yourself plenty of time before your flight takes off. 90 minutes is usually a good amount of time.
Don’t look like a tourist – Looking like a tourist can make you a good target for thieves so do your best to look knowledgeable. A great way to do this is to store maps, addresses, dictionaries and translation tools on your portable device. Instead of consulting a clumsy map or travel book, you will just look like a regular person on the go.
Photo credit: xlibber’s at http://www.flickr.com/photos/xlibber/